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Dr. Alan Wolfelt is my favorite grief counselor and theorist.  I use his Six Reconciliation Needs in a support group I facilitate and highly recommend any of his books – most of which are specific to your individual loss.  His … Continue reading

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Some Wednesday Wisdom…

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The WouldaCouldaShoulda’s…

Definition of guilt (n) Bing Dictionary guilt [ gilt ] awareness of wrongdoing: an awareness of having done wrong or committed a crime, accompanied by feelings of shame and regret fact of wrongdoing: the fact of having committed a crime or done wrong … Continue reading

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Tools to help you stay mindful…

Here’s a great article on meditation and other activities to help you stay mindful in each moment.  Mindfulness is especially important when learning to cope with the intensity of the various emotions that rise up during the grieving process.  I’m … Continue reading

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Explaining Pet Loss to a Child…

He says below that “honesty is the best policy”. I absolutely agree and would only add to not use euphemisms. For instance, telling your child the cat is ‘asleep’ instead of dead. I also always recommend using the correct terms … Continue reading

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For Bereaved Parents and those who love them…

This is so powerfully and authentically stated.  Losing a child is truly a wound that never heals.  She’s right when she says the sharpness wears off, but it’s always always present.  One client once said it’s the underpinning of her … Continue reading

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“It takes a lot of intentionality to lean into the deep recesses of life in the Afterloss when I touch my wounds.” ` Benjamin Allen This quote is taken from a recent facebook post by Benjamin Allen on his Healing … Continue reading

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It’s just another manic Monday….

Usually my weeks are hectic, but I’ve coined a new phrase for this week:  ridicubusy:  so busy you don’t have time to say ridiculously busy!  The busy-ness always effects my mood…as does the weather.  Today, it’s snowing, blowing, freezing and … Continue reading

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The *How* of Grief….

Definition of emotion (n) Bing Dictionary e·mo·tion [ i mṓsh’n ] heightened feeling: a strong feeling about somebody or something agitation caused by strong feelings: agitation or disturbance caused by strong feelings As I’ve said before, grief effects us each differently based on … Continue reading

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Pet Loss…

“It is not just that animals make the world more scenic or picturesque. The lives of animals are woven into our very being – closer than our own breathing – and our soul will suffer when they are gone.”   … Continue reading

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