It’s just another manic Monday….

Usually my weeks are hectic, but I’ve coined a new phrase for this week:  ridicubusy:  so busy you don’t have time to say ridiculously busy!  The busy-ness always effects my mood…as does the weather.  Today, it’s snowing, blowing, freezing and gray.  The weather has a tendency to effect everyone’s mood, but when you’re grieving, the grayer, darker days can really intensify the grief.  Is this true for you?  Do you find the dark of winter to be more challenging than brighter, warmer weather?  What – if anything – do you do to lift your mood?

There is science behind mood and weather so I always recommend some sunshine – if you can find that illusive yellow orb!  Just standing outside and letting it shine on your face – even in 0 degree temperatures! – can make a difference.  As can the fresh air.  Try an indoor walk, like in a mall or a university track.  Call a friend and go for lunch/dinner/coffee.  Just get out of the house (unless your’e snowed in!).  Or, if you’re stuck inside, watch a silly movie.  Organize something – that always gives a sense of accomplishment!  Read a book you’ve been eyeing.

What strategies do you use to lift yourself out of the winter doldrums?

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