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Grief Quote…

I’m not sure who wrote this so I can’t give credit where credit is due, but a friend posted this on my timeline on Facebook. I’ve addressed the issue of “should” in a previous post so this just rings true. … Continue reading

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Marinating vs. Wallowing…

Definition of marinate (vti)  (from Bing dictionary) 1. give or undergo lengthy exposure: to be exposed to something for a long time, or cause somebody or something to be thoroughly immersed in something Now that the holidays are over, folks are reporting an … Continue reading

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Definition of weekend (n) from Friday evening to Sunday evening: the end of the week, from Friday evening, or sometimes Saturday morning, until Sunday evening  (from bing dictionary) Today is Saturday.  It’s the weekend.  It’s practically universal that those who are grieving struggle … Continue reading

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Telephone counseling!! Really??!!

Does telephone counseling actually work?  In a word – Yes.  It works very well.  You can do a bing/google/yahoo/other (don’t want to offend anyone) search and find the pros and cons of this kind of intervention so I won’t bore … Continue reading

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A new year…

Welcome back!  I’m so excited that today is “re-Launch Day” for Translating Grief, LLC.  All (or, at least, most) of the proverbial ducks are in their row and we can move forward with the mission of translating grief.  I’m looking … Continue reading

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