Weather and mood…


I’m not usually one to complain about the weather. Usually I love winter with all the snow and cold (I attribute this to my Russian genetics!), but this year it’s just too much! It feels like we’ve been below 20 degrees for six months! With the temperatures so cold it’s hard to want to get outside and go for a walk…even on sunny days. Today – finally! – it’s raining. Raining. Not snowing. And it’s above freezing. Hallelujah.

I’ve been hearing about the weather all winter. Everyone around here (central New York state) says it’s the coldest, longest winter they can remember. My clients are screaming for some sunshine. Just in the last few weeks alone, at least 10 people have said that they think they’ll start to feel more like themselves once the sun starts shining and they can get outside.

One common homework assignment I give is to stand outside – even on cold, frigid days – and just breathe. Some folks never leave their homes during the ‘bad’ weather. So I encourage them to at least step outdoors, all bundled up if necessary, and breathe fresh air, maybe feel the sun on their face. There is science behind this (one article found here). There is another study that shows the opposite effect (here). Hmmm…let’s just say the data is inconclusive! Moods, like anything else, are individual. As I’ve said before, it’s all a mind game. Our natural mind-set (positive or negative) will effect how we react to our circumstances. Personally, I’m not often effected by the weather. I try to just be thankful for the beauty in each day.

What about you? Are your moods effected by the weather? Have you grieved through all four seasons? Have you noticed any difference for each season? What about those of you without four seasons?

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