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A Moment of Revelation

Definition of revelation (n) Bing Dictionary rev·e·la·tion[ rèvvə láysh’n ] 1. information revealed: information that is newly disclosed, especially surprising, or valuable In the last five days, four different women have voiced the same experience using very similar words…three using … Continue reading

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From: AIMEE DUFRESNE “5 Cliches You Should Never Say to Someone Who is Grieving”

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Top 10 Ways to Memorialize Someone on a Holiday…

On ‘ordinary’ days it’s easy to wear the public mask on the outside and pretend all is well on the inside. But there’s something different about gatherings, especially on a holiday. The loss seems larger, more present, more painful. It … Continue reading

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Grief in Action…

Today’s post is a departure from my usual offerings. At the Wellness Fair yesterday, I met a remarkable grandmother. (I would name her, but I don’t remember and I didn’t see it anywhere on the website. If you know it, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Translating Grief…

There are so many new friends checking out Translating Grief that I thought I would extend a warm welcome. Make yourselves at home. Maybe make a cup of tea and feel free to browse around. At the top of the … Continue reading

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A Parable: Children and Grief

The Child’s Bereavement Caregiver as Gardener: A Parable by Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. One spring morning a gardener noticed an unfamiliar seedling poking through the ground near the rocky, untended edge of his garden. He knelt to examine its first … Continue reading

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Celebrity deaths…

The first celebrity death I can remember clearly was Jim Croce in 1973. I was 12, almost 13. Someone came to school that morning and said he had died in a plane crash. My immediate response was to ball my … Continue reading

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So…what happens during telephone counseling?

After my appearance on our little local TV station the other day, hits on my web site and Facebook page have skyrocketed. There have been a number of inquiries (and a couple of new clients). There has also been a … Continue reading

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What I Did and Didn’t Say on TV yesterday…

I’ve been on our local news station’s noon Newstalk quite a few times for my part time job, but yesterday was the first time I was representing myself. Talk about nerves! I was sitting in the conference room waiting for … Continue reading

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