Welcome to Translating Grief…

Welcome to Translating Grief...

There are so many new friends checking out Translating Grief that I thought I would extend a warm welcome. Make yourselves at home. Maybe make a cup of tea and feel free to browse around.

At the top of the page is a bar of information. You’ll learn about me, how to make an appointment, and other information you might find useful. To the right are the archives. Cruise through and see if anything interests you. My email is translatinggrief@gmail.com if you have any questions. You’re always welcome to comment publicly under the posts or privately through my email.

Translating Grief is a unique way to provide bereavement services. By not having a physical location, but utilizing the telephone or video chat, clients can access bereavement counseling that is available to all regardless of geographic location, ability or willingness to drive, or weather (especially this winter in my area!!). The convenience of being able to stay in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home is priceless.

Translating Grief is for any adult who has lost a person or pet, has or knows someone who has a terminal illness, or any adult experiencing a different loss such as a divorce or break up, a relocation, or job loss. Referrers: please email your contact information and I will call you to discuss further how I may be helpful to your clients or your organization (as a speaker or resource). Potential clients: please email with any questions or concerns or to set up an appointment. There is no charge or obligation for initial inquiries.

I look forward to getting to know all of you! Stop by often and say hello…

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