Grief in Action…

Grief in Action...

Today’s post is a departure from my usual offerings. At the Wellness Fair yesterday, I met a remarkable grandmother. (I would name her, but I don’t remember and I didn’t see it anywhere on the website. If you know it, please add it in the comment section below.) Her 2 year old granddaughter was killed instantly when a 32″ television fell on top of her while she was climbing up to insert a DVD. Mom had turned her back for a second. Just days after Amaya’s death, this heartbroken grandmother launched into action and began the creation of Safe and Sound with Amaya. Please check out their web site at You will learn more about Amaya’s story and the many many ways you can help to keep your children and grandchildren safe and sound.

Behind their table at the fair was a large quilt – and I do mean large – with photos transferred onto the fabric along with the birth and death dates of these small children who had died from an accident at home, most of which could have been prevented. Let me tell you, it was gut-wrenching. I’m a grandmother of two young, climbing children and it ripped my heart out to see all of those little faces around the same age. What this organization is doing is priceless. Please. Check them out. Spread the word. And most importantly, if you have small children in your life, follow their Sound Ideas and Safe Planning suggestions.

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2 Responses to Grief in Action…

  1. Amaya’s gramma’s name is Debbie Deming. It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday!

    • Thank you!!! It was MY pleasure. I have not stopped thinking about you and what you do. Spreading your message is so very important. I wish you continued success and hope that one day, your work will be unnecessary 🙂

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