A Moment of Revelation

A Moment of Revelation

Definition of revelation (n)
Bing Dictionary
rev·e·la·tion[ rèvvə láysh’n ]
1. information revealed: information that is newly disclosed, especially surprising, or valuable

In the last five days, four different women have voiced the same experience using very similar words…three using the word “revelation”. Three of the women lost a partner/husband, one lost a parent.

Woman 1: I just had a moment of revelation where I realized that I’ve been feeling out of control for most of this year and I’m never out of control about anything. My moment came when I realized that I could take control of this. That I could decide I would be me again and move forward to create a life for myself.

Woman 2: (Who is in a small group with Woman 1 and heard her repeat something similar in the group was inspired by her.) When she said she took control, it made me realize that I could take control too. So I spent the weekend doing things I used to love before he got sick.

Woman 3: I was on the phone with my friend laughing and talking when I had a revelation. I realized that I was being me…the old me, the real me….again.

Woman 4: My boyfriend and I were arguing because he told me that I act old. That’s when I had a revelation: I do act old, but I realized it was because my life is so different from what it used to be, that I haven’t really figured out who I am now. I cried for two days then got busy….busy being me again. I finally feel like I’ll be okay.

Have any of you had this moment yet? I think most people do at some point have a moment where they realize that – though it is never okay – they will be okay. That life can have meaning and joy again. That you can be you – a different, changed you -, but you.

Please share your moment of revelation stories below in the comments or post them on my facebook page (the link is to the right – and like it while you’re there!)

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