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Your Terminal Illness: Physical Matters…

Now that you’ve caught your breath and before you begin to think about what to do, who to consult, how to try to navigate through this as an individual and as a family, let’s start with some theories about dying … Continue reading

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Coping with Terminal Illness…Part 1

You’ve been through the treatments, the days, weeks, months, years of uncertainty, tests, consultations, hospitalizations, surgeries…and your doctor walks into the room and says “I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do for you.” The floor drops out of the … Continue reading

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Telecounseling Legitimized….

While I am not a mental health counselor, it is true that bereavement counselors are far and few between in most areas. Not all hospices offer counseling to the community (meaning those families who did not utilize their services). By … Continue reading

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