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I’ve often talked about how those spiritual/existential questions are the ones that keep us up at night.  The one question we ask over and over and over again:  Why??  Why him? Why her?  Why me?  And beyond that we want … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to Memorialize Someone on a Holiday…

Originally posted on Translating Grief:
On ‘ordinary’ days it’s easy to wear the public mask on the outside and pretend all is well on the inside. But there’s something different about gatherings, especially on a holiday. The loss seems larger,…

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Glen Campbell’s Last Song…

If this doesn’t kick you in the gut, I don’t know what will.  Such a heartbreaking disease – for the family and for the person afflicted.  Give it a listen with tissues nearby.  Trust me on that one…

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Grieving In This Beautiful World

Originally posted on MourningAmyMarie:
Before Devastation Day, I never gave the word grief much thought. Yes, I have mourned other loved ones but the physical and emotional ambush that descended upon my mind, body and soul when my Amy passed…

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“…a bigger intolerance for b*&&$#)t…”

Every Saturday night, after Dr Who, the Graham Norton Show airs on BBCA.  (Is my nerd showing??) I’m a new fan of the show even though it’s been on for years.  He (Graham Norton) typically has three famous people on … Continue reading

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