One example of memorializing a loved one….

Family’s Grandpa Passes Away On Christmas But Leaves a Special Gift For Them Hidden In the Closet

The holidays became bittersweet for the family of Imgur user jallen2k10 when his wife’s grandfather passed away on Christmas at the age of 81. Jallen2k10 explains that his wife’s grandpa wore coveralls everyday for over 20 years. So, when they found 21 pairs in his closet after he passed away, they couldn’t “resist” doing this… family overalls As reported on IMGUR:

“The thing was, he was never ashamed at all for wearing them. He knew that people poked fun at him, but he never thought twice about it. I knew him for 3 years, and I only saw him in different clothes 3 times: twice at graduations, and once at our wedding.”

As an engineer at an electric company for 40 years, he just got used to wearing them and never really stopped!

“Grandfather was definitely a child at heart. He always gave everyone a toy at Christmas, and he loved everything about Christmas. We fortunately got to celebrate with him the day before he passed. He would have wanted everyone to celebrate his life and not spend long mourning the loss”

Is there any better way to honor someone you love than remembering the things that made them joyous and cherished? As seen on:

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