You’re worth the investment….


Yesterday I shared an article about the reasons some people use to avoid counseling.  It got me thinking…What about the reason some people could use to engage in counseling?  How about:  Because you’re worth the investment.

The investment in the effort it takes to find a qualified, professional bereavement counselor.  The investment in the courage it takes to make that initial phone call.  The investment in the time it takes to engage in an hour long counseling session.  The investment in the money it costs to pay for a professional service.

I just spoke to a woman this morning who has been struggling for years with her grief and said that she’s always been reluctant to seek help — even for serious medical issues.  I’ve come to realize this as a common theme, especially among women.  We are so willing to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own and would counsel other friends to seek help, but when it comes to our own needs – pshaw – we’re fine.  Just fine.  Don’t worry about me. I’m okay.

So often though we’re not okay.  We’re suffering in silence.  Putting on our public mask so no one can see how much we’re hurting on the inside.  You don’t have to live like that.  You deserve to feel some sense of peace and purpose again.

Counseling can be costly, though there are lower cost options available (Samaritan’s Counseling and Catholic Charities come to mind).  Just be sure that whoever you are meeting with is comfortable counseling for grief or specializes in grief.  Not all professional counselors are proficient in all areas.  (I am not comfortable counseling for issues related to children, for instance.  It’s not my area of competence.)  However, for grief counseling, as opposed to counseling for some other issues, it is not usually a long-term commitment.  While some clients prefer an on-going relationship, others are very comfortable after just a few sessions to move along.  Whether you are paying a co-pay or the full fee, the emotional pay-off is worth the financial investment.  YOU are worth the investment.

Yes, I’m offering counseling (convenient and available no matter where you live 😉 ), but what is more important to me is that you find someone you feel comfortable with to help you navigate your own journey.

I promise that once you get started, you’ll wish you had done it sooner.

Call me (1.315.765.6530) or email me ( to schedule a free 10 minute consultation or for an appointment.

If you’re curious about what counseling ‘looks’ like with me, check this earlier post here.


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