Changing Grief

It’s rare to hear a man’s perspective on grief so clearly and so authentically.

Musings on a grief journey

“Although I am physically alone, I am the man she lived with for forty-eight years and she is very much a part of the person I have become in that time.”
Robert Kirven (author of “A Book About Dying”)

I’ve now been a single parent for close to a year. We go out as a family of two rather than the happy three that we were in the years gone by. In the beginning it was intensely emotionally draining, every place we went to, my thoughts raced back to the time when we were together, our world intact.

I would helplessly look at the other families and couples milling around and feel that piercing stabs in the heart. There were times I wanted to just get out of there and stay home. The world seemed too full while mine had been lost forever. But I reasoned that my son was…

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