GUILT…….the silent kind!! :/

” I mean I know I didn’t kill my son. But heres the thing about a parent feeling this guilt after their child dies………it still feels like you did kill him, because if nothing else, you certainly didn’t save him.” ~ Jessica


So I just want to take up a little bit of time to an emotion in this grieving process that I assumed I had skipped or maybe in a way I just thought I was too “well balanced” to have to deal with, and that is the big ole nasty GUILTY feeling.   Now I;m not sure why I thought I would be the 1 lucky person to be spared this heartbreak but I was definitely counting my lucky stars.   That is until it really hit me……..I have been kicking my own ass since the day my son died behind feeling guilty.

Let me start out with a little bit of history so that this may be able to help you as much as it is me.  I had a son in July 2009….his name is Bryce Jaden,  he was a perfect little 6lb 12 oz boy….a tad early, not enough…

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