Do you meditate?

open mind friday

I’ve recently begun meditating.  Well, to say that implies that I’ve never meditated before so maybe it’s not accurate, but what I have done is to set aside uninterrupted time more regularly to sit quietly and focus on the inner me.  I’ve found that I prefer a guided meditation to simply allowing my thoughts to bubble up and then letting them go.  Too often my thoughts become more about what I have to do next and not about the peace I’m seeking!

As a bereavement counselor, I often encourage my clients to meditate.  It is a way to explore the myriad of emotions that are present when grieving.  Staying present in the pain is challenging at the very least and meditation provides a built in opportunity to allow for the emergence of the emotion, the viewing and labeling of it and then the releasing of it – at least in that moment.  It can go a long way towards developing a sense of peace even in the midst of the storm.

There are countless articles out there on this – and I am no expert! – so I will simply ask: Have you tried meditating?  Please feel free to share your experiences…

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