Raw, authentic and beautifully written article….

joan didion quote

Warning:  Adult language.

Here’s a quote from the article.  Please take the time to read the whole thing.  Incredible description of real grief.

“Hitting the ground is a repeated theme of the grieving process.

On the whole, it’s choppy and messy and non-linear. One emotion doesn’t flow neatly into another but hits you suddenly like morning sickness and can’t be pushed down. The only way to make it stop is to vomit up the feeling — to feel it deeply and loudly. Then, you’re suddenly making a joke: “If he wasn’t already dead, I’d fucking kill him.” And everyone laughs.

The pain comes and goes and comes and goes. You don’t pass one stage, scratch it off your list, and graduate onto the next. It’s not compartmentalized as the chart suggests. It comes in waves. It’s circuitous ad never-ending. Joan Didion said this better:


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