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I’m still here! Translating Grief is in transition, but I am still accepting new clients and counseling existing clients. The phone number that has been listed for Translating Grief (518.930.2429) is no longer in service. I am only accepting contact … Continue reading

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Wisdom of The Doctor

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It’s not crystal clear, but this is my favorite photo of Gracie.  She was the quirkiest dog I’ve ever known.  We were on our way to the kennel and she was in the very back of my SUV.  She always … Continue reading

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Grief is a lot like…menopause?!

  Bear with me now….Grief has been compared to so many things — waves, storms, shipwrecks, ping pong balls — but I’ve never heard it connected to menopause.  My brain just does funny things when I’m watching someone have a … Continue reading

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Don’t speak to fill the space….

  So…we were binge watching Orange is the New Black and a character died (no spoilers from me).  When another character wanted to offer condolences to the grieving “family”, yet another character warned her to not say “She’s in a … Continue reading

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The stages of grief (a few more than five)

Originally posted on Retro Girl & the Chemo Kid:
I don’t believe in those five stages of grief. There are plenty of other theories around. This isn’t one of them. Go to work like a zombie. Cry on the way…

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Freedom isn’t free…

This is a photo I grabbed off the internet of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, more commonly known as Punch Bowl Crater.  We visited there on a family trip in 2004 following my son’s college graduation and it … Continue reading

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Open Mind Friday

What are your thoughts on the above quote?  Is there truth to it?  Can there be beauty in pain?  “Beauty from ashes”?  What has your experience been?

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Mother’s Day for those of us with crappy mothers…

    My mother threw me out of her house when I was 15.  It was the week after Mother’s Day and just after she married her live-in boyfriend without telling me.  I’ll spare you the details of the actual … Continue reading

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The Saga of Changing the Facebook Page…

Oh man.  I thought it would be easy breezy to just change the privacy setting on my existing Facebook page from public to a closed group.  Nope.  After searching and searching and searching for the answer, I found it, as … Continue reading

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