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Changing the Facebook page…

I’m so encouraged by the response I received from my most recent post.  Sooooo many emails and a couple of public responses.  I thank all of you for your kind words.  It meant a lot to me to hear, not … Continue reading

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Glen Campbell’s Last Song…

If this doesn’t kick you in the gut, I don’t know what will.  Such a heartbreaking disease – for the family and for the person afflicted.  Give it a listen with tissues nearby.  Trust me on that one… http://www.headlinepolitics.com/glen-campbells-final-song-will-break-heart-video/

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“…a bigger intolerance for b*&&$#)t…”

Every Saturday night, after Dr Who, the Graham Norton Show airs on BBCA.  (Is my nerd showing??) I’m a new fan of the show even though it’s been on for years.  He (Graham Norton) typically has three famous people on … Continue reading

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Your Terminal Illness: Practical Matters…

In addition to everything else you have going through your mind and body, there are some other matters needing attention that will aid your loved ones now and after you’re gone. It’s hard to think about others when your life … Continue reading

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Your Terminal Illness: Spiritual Matters

Most of us go through life compartmentalizing our own death. We neatly tuck it away and choose to believe we have unlimited tomorrows. When we are faced with the reality that our days are not unlimited, that our time here … Continue reading

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Your Terminal Illness: Emotional Matters…

I’ve been struggling with this post for quite a while now. This is a HUGE topic and I had to come to the place where I realized this was not a thesis, but a blog post and that I could … Continue reading

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Your Terminal Illness: Physical Matters…

Now that you’ve caught your breath and before you begin to think about what to do, who to consult, how to try to navigate through this as an individual and as a family, let’s start with some theories about dying … Continue reading

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Coping with Terminal Illness…Part 1

You’ve been through the treatments, the days, weeks, months, years of uncertainty, tests, consultations, hospitalizations, surgeries…and your doctor walks into the room and says “I’m sorry. There’s nothing more we can do for you.” The floor drops out of the … Continue reading

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